My words have found paper, found edges and a spine. They are a thing you can lift up and flick through. They have started to feel less like a series of question marks and more like something fixed. And, weirdly, something separate.

Holding my book, with it’s banner of UNCORRECTED PROOF dashed across the top, is surreal. I can tell you the cover feels nice, the stock is smooth and shiny, and the edges are square. It’s fat too, fatter than I thought it’d be, it’s sixty-five thousand words, two hundred and eighty-seven pages fat. One of my strange fears, there are many, was it’d be too skinny–that I hadn’t written enough. Well, my baby is fat.

I can tell you the copyright information made me emotional, seeing my name there felt more official than the cover. Copyright © Text, Trinity Doyle 2015. I made this. My publisher’s logo had a similar affect–they have my back, they believe in these words I strung together.

One of my other fears I mentioned above: the question marks. Here is this thing I wrote; do you believe it? This is what happened; is it? Writing is so much trying to find and pull out the story inside you, something that thins and spreads and then builds and suddenly you can glimpse it before it disappears again. Here is this thing I made up. And you fill it up with words, too many words, is that right? No. Pull it back, chuck them out (never delete), more words, new words, better words. No. Move that here, switch those paragraphs, cut that character. Is this the thing inside me? Maybe.

Here are my words in a book shape. Not even the final draft. Oh no. There’s some more line editing and proofing to go. And yet this shape has settled them. The questions, so loud when typing and hi-lighting, are quiet. Now my words tell the story.

So here I am holding my ARC.


Would you like to hold one too?

The wonderful folk of Allen and Unwin have gifted me with a spare ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of PIECES OF SKY to give away. Open worldwide! I might even sign it too–which would mean my first ever signed anything! See details below to enter.

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