Hello, hello, hello…I have news. News that I have literally been sitting on for months and bursting from the seams to shout everywhere!


I sold my book.

*cue screaming*

Lucy in the Sky–the story of 15YO¬†competitive swimmer, Lucy Taylor, who develops a fear of the water after her older brother drownshas sold in a 2 book deal to Allen & Unwin, publishing extraordinaire, and is scheduled for June 2015. MY BOOK IS GONNA BE A BOOK. And then I’m even going to have another book–coming out roughly 12 months later! Holy crap!!! I can’t believe you guys are going to get to read Lucy, I just can’t *dies*. I’m even revising right now and I have an actual deadline! It’s all so real. !!

Here’s a picture of me signing my contract and internally screaming.