Yesterday I felt poorly and took to the couch with a tummy full of neurofren and a sorry look on my face. The only thing I want to do on a day like this is marathon some TV and feel good movies.

Here’s what I ended up watching:

Little Darlings

With a glowing recommendation from Vikki Wakefield I knew I couldn’t go wrong. Summer camp, betting girls, cute but stupid boys and best friends! This movie has everything a sick day needs.

My Mad Fat Diary

I’d completely forgotten I had a new ep of this to watch! Reader, I adore this show and season 2 is amazing. There are only two shows that make me yell at the screen: this and Teen Wolf.

Some Girls

A recent find for me, Some Girls is totally hilarious and I adore all the girls and their craziness.

House of Cards

I had to wait for Ben to come home to watch this as I knew it would be required viewing for both of us. Safe to say we’re now both addicts.