So I think I may have missed the window for 2014 roundups so I’ll just tell you…2014 was bonkers! From selling my book to spending three weeks in the US and a million other life stuff in between, it was a very mad, wonderful year. I feel like I owe this space so many posts! I’ll try to up my game this year and be more consistent. (Spoiler: I have a guest post coming up that may help me get my blogging game back on!)

Some things I’ve been doing/planning lately:

Copyediting like a boss

Copyediting like a boss

This week I pressed send on my copyedits (line edits, for the US folk) and now my words are off to be typeset and ARCs will be printed! These ARCs go off to booksellers to get them all pumped up (hopefully) and ready to shower the land with PIECES OF SKY! This outcome, coupled with editing over Christmas, made me a tad more stressed than usual. Some stress dreams I had included my dad becoming a serial killer and being hunted by giant wasps. Do you guys stress dream? I haven’t had them this bad since I got married and kept dreaming I turned up at the wrong place, didn’t have my dress, and who knows where my man was.

On the fun side! I saw the first version of my cover (!!!!!!!) and received an incredible blurb from amazing author Vikki Wakefield. I can’t wait to share both with you!

The biggest non-book thing I’m doing this year is jetting off to Europe with my family! My wee little brother is getting married in Sweden. He’s been living there, in the land of snow, months of dark and months of light, for the past few years and bagged himself a scandinavian stunner! I’m so excited to be there for him and I just know I’m gonna cry like a wee babe. I’m also equally excited for our side trip to PARIS!!!!!!! We’re spending ten days in the city of lights and, oh my gosh, I can’t wait! In the lead up I’ve taken it upon myself to learn French (apprendre le fran├žaise). According to Duolingo I can now read 28.9% of all French–go me! I’ve been rocketing along for weeks now and have just hit pronouns and my brain has exploded. Why is it so hard?!

Since yesterday I have decided to stop being a slug and start moving! After trawling around youtube for a bit I found POP Pilates! And now I’m entering into a month long Pilates beginners torture of awesomeness! I am not one for gyms or leaving the house or exercise in general but I’m sick of feeling so heavy and tired and these videos seem super fun. Plus there’s a calendar checklist to follow and boy do I love checklists. I think everyone should sign up with me!!

pretty bras!

And lastly, for today’s endeavour I’m wanting to get back into sewing. My beautiful grandma taught me to sew and whenever I take out the old machine she gave me it makes me think of her. This amazing woman was wasted on teen me, how I wish she was still here so I could call her up to chat gardening and stitches. Anyway, I’m thinking of making my own bralettes–since I can’t afford the ones I want! So I’ve been checking out material and patterns and dreaming of being a fab lingerie designer. We’ll see how it goes, the last thing I made was an uneven pair of curtains.

I’ve also been rereading a few favourite books (The Piper’s Son, Hunting and Gathering) and making crazy plans for book 2! I haven’t gotten around to voting in the Hottest 100 yet, if you have I’d love to know what you voted for.