Morning, everyone! I was tagged by the most awesome Courtney Leigh to join in the Terrible Titles blog hop. The idea is simple. Scroll through a WIP and let your cursor randomly land somewhere. That phrase or sentence becomes a terrible title. Do this about eight times and see what you come up with.

These Terrible Titles came from my upcoming Pieces of Sky.

All That’s Left is an Ear and a Chin
Vibrates In My Hand
Havaianas and My Shorts
A Stubby Red Candle
Stare at Him Forever
Eyes on Me
Most Mobile Signals
My Pocket and it’s Dead

I’m totally using Havaianas and My Shorts for my next book! This was fun, thanks for tagging me, Courtney! I’m tagging Kirsty Eagar, Elle Blair, Natalie Williamson, and Trish Doller.