If you’ve known me for any length of time it’s pretty safe to assume you’re aware of my love for the one season of perfection that is My So-Called Life. The story, the acting, the writing, I would happily cocoon myself in this show forever. So when Alexis Bass tweeted needing help with top romantic moments it took me all of five seconds to come up with the below Hallway Scene in MSCL.

AAahhhhh! I’ve shed more than a few tears watching that moment.

There is so much going on here: the tension between Angela and Jordan because he’d rather keep making out in the basement/boiler room (what is that place called? Obvs need to rewatch entire series) and Angela would like to have a conversation in front of his friends. Earlier in the ep she tries this and it’s horrible and awkward and makes you want to punch Jordan Catalano in his Jordan Catalano face. So you’ve got Angela with her friends, Jordan with his and Brian just awkwardly in the middle–classic Brian. Both looking but not looking at each other–Ang being so strong, keeping it together and Jordan being all swoon and jacket. And THEN Jordan crosses the Brian-line in front of everybody while Buffalo Tom sing I’m not a thoughtless kind. You can see he’s made a choice and you can see Claire Danes’ incredible acting every emotion cross Angela’s face as she realises he’s choosing her. And then he’s all, can we go somewhere? And she’s like, sure. And THEN–the moment I die–they walk away and his hand slides down her arm and holds her hand. That hand sliding right there is so real and wonderful and just aaahhhhh.

I love this show.