I was tagged by two lovely ladies: Elle Blair and Vikki Wakefield, to take part in the ‘My Writing Process’ blog hop, tour, meme thing. Be sure to go check out their posts!

What am I working on?

I’ve just started revisions on my WIP, Hungry Sun. It’s got lots of my favourite things in it: art, music, blue hair, country towns, angry old people, oranges and kissing.

This is the MS where I used an outline! And I think as a result I’m not finding as much stuff that needs the chop instead I’m working on layering, picking up dropped plot threads and getting the setting right. (I just found out it barely ever rains where I’ve set it and now need to cut the thunderstorm – my favourite part – out of favourite chapter.)

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m not sure that it does. I love my genre – realistic or contemporary YA – and I try to put what I love about it into my work: friendships, identity, family, love, obsessiveness, EMOTIONS, honesty.

Why do I write what I do?

Short answer: because that’s what I like to read.

Longer answer: I’m addicted to that good book feeling, that glow sitting under your chest when you can’t part from what you’re reading, and I’ve found that in writing – only longer and more concentrated and it’s like falling in love all the time. (Except when it’s like bashing your head against the wall.)

When I began devouring young adult books I had this amazing week where I read Melina Marchetta, Kirsty Eagar and Vikki Wakefield and I thought, well, damn. These ladies manage to write their characters from this raw, stripped back and real place and I knew, if I could pull it off, that was how I wanted to write.

How does my writing process work?

Right now it looks like a lot of house work. On good days I’ll walk to my favourite cafe, sit in my favourite chair, order a latte and write for hours. Sometimes I’ll plan my scene before hand and sometimes I’ll wing it and sometimes I’ll stare blankly at my screen and wait for someone to send me cat gifs. I like to think that if there weren’t any interruptions I could bash a draft out in a couple of months but sometimes life makes you move house and it’ll be weeks before you can find your way back into your story; so I write when I can (but sometimes I binge TV instead).

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Emily Marquart is a freelance writer and editor. She’s also my critique partner who forgot to send me her bio so I’m making it up. Emily is obsessed with the Gilmore Girls and tea and writes the kind of prose that hurts your heart in the best possible way. Check out her blog and follow her on twitter





Bethany Smith is a young adult writer from Newcastle, Australia. By day she works at a detective agency and by night she writes mysteries and thrillers about the strange characters she meets there. She lives with her ever-patient husband and their rambunctious Labrador puppy in a house that is falling down around their ears. Bethany is represented by Ammi-Joan Paquette at the Erin Murphy Literary Agency. Check out her blog and follow her on twitter.




Carly Cornish is a 25-year old Adelaidean who once dreamed of becoming a pilot, or a ballerina, but studied applied linguistics instead and now works in an NGO with young asylum seekers and refugees. She has written two contemporary YA manuscripts and is working on a third with the wonderful Vikki Wakefield as her mentor. Carly considers herself a champion of Australian YA (because it is the best kind of YA), and you can find her gushing about all her latest faves on her blog carlycornish.wordpress.com, and on twitter @CarlyCornish.